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Why Choose 'Excel RP, Inc.'?


Customer Focused l
We have built a strong successful business by being the company to call to get the job done. We strengthen our business relationships
with each program we bring in on time and on budget for our customers.

Personalized Service
lAvailability and response is the key. We realize that the small details are as important as the large. We have made a name for ourselves by being available 7 days a week up to 11:00 PM each day. We focus on making it easy for our customers to work with us in all aspects of the business, from quote response, to negotiating changes and additional work, these are all opportunities for us to show our appreciation and flexibility to keep our customers coming back.

Business Philosophy & Mission
lTo be known as the company to call when looking to meet aggressive costs and timing objectives. Relationships are paramount and successful programs keep our customers coming back.  In 2000, Excel RP, Inc. started as a SLA lab with (2) machines and the owner managing tooling opportunities direct through his industry contacts by outsourcing to key tool shops. It became apparent that there was a revitalized need and business opportunities with Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies if we could agree to the competitive costs, timing objectives, and just to get the jobs done.
We wanted to offer our customers exceptional project management, customer service and flexibility at a cost level that is 2nd to none.  Excel RP, Inc // Excel Global, LCC. very effectively achieves that position by aligning an experienced Program Management team with well equipped, entreprenerurial based shops; in that we are building our business!