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Ask us about our new semi-soft resin for 'Rubber Like' models & our new Somos 9420 resin for increased part flexibility & Polypro simulation. 

- Pictures of SLA/SLS Parts.ppt                           - Somos 9120 SLA Resin Properties.pdf

- Spec Summary Sheet for SLA/SLS Parts.ppt    - Somos 9420 SLA Resin Properties.pdf
Click above file links for more details on SLA/SLS Part Models.

Rapid models are a great and cost effective way to prove out your part assembly or invention idea.

(SLA) Stereolithography
-2-5 day models with Somos 9120 or Somos 9420 resin for multi-use parts.

SLA machines build physical models by drawing each cross section, layer by layer, on the surface of a liquid resin using an ultra violet laser beam.  The UV energy of the laser changes resin from liquid to solid.  The platform moves down into vat of liquid by one layer thickness for each layer.
(SLS) Selective Laser Sintering
-2-5 day models with Nylon or Glass Filled Nylon for functional & high temp use.

Selective laser sintering stations use a plastic powder to create prototype parts. The powder is melted, layer by layer, by a computer-directed heat laser. Additional powder is deposited on top of each solidified layer and sintered again until the process and part model is complete.